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But the crucial point of the essay is to provide a philosophy of language which enables the conceptualization of quarrels.

The essay revisits the conceptions put forward in The Violence of Language and A Marxist Philosophy of Language but then carries the analysis into new territory. Finding inspiration in Althusser's theory of interpellation and in Judith Butler's reading of Althusser, the essay shows that quarrels enact both interpellation and counter-interpellation, and views further quarrels as one of the characteristics of human language. It publishes essays and review articles in English which explore critical theory in general and its application to literature, other arts and society.

Louis Althusser on Interpellation, and the Ideological State Apparatus

Regular special issues by guest editors highlight important themes and figures in modern critical theory. Individual issues are edited by members of the committee in turn, and by specially invited guest editors.

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Articles submitted are refereed by every member of the Editorial Committee and sent to outside referees where appropriate. Dispute, Quarrel, Interpellation.

interpellation | The Chicago School of Media Theory

Show full title. Misinterpellation here refers to cases when marginalized people take seriously the universal discourse of rights, freedom, democracy, etc. Martel briefly discusses collective political action e.


Interpellation is therefore not simply a matter of taking on various kinds of social agency, but of taking up a unified subject position; Martel equates this psychological subjectivity with the liberal subject. Challenging hegemonic liberalism can therefore consist of rejecting our identities as unified, self-consistent subjects.

Language, or: Interpellation

In short, Martel seems to argue for some kind of psychosis or schizophrenia as a radical response and alternative to liberal capitalism. First, Martel rarely engages with any secondary literature.

Second, Martel does not explain how he arrives at many of his conclusions e. Rather than providing readings of novels and memoirs, Martel would be better served by engaging with political theory more directly. Likewise, rather than Althusser, it seems to me that Deleuze, Guattari, and Lacan would have been better interlocutors.

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There is really an interesting set of questions here, and a project that could be developed further. Alas, that project is buried in The Misinterpellated Subject : beneath a mis-interpolated Althusserian vocabulary, an underdeveloped mode of reading, and rather distracting literary and film criticism. Skip to main content.