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She asks him what is the matter. He answers that she is old and ugly and low born. The old woman demonstrates to him that none of these matter — especially noble birth, since true gentleness depends on deeds rather than birth. She offers him the choice: he can have her old and ugly and faithful or young, beautiful, and possibly unchaste. He tells her to choose; he grants her the sovereignty. When he does so she turns into a beautiful maiden, and they live thereafter in perfect joy.

The word rape is often promoted by the wife throughout the story. The king would have inflicted punishment on the knight. The wife is the rapist knight herself. The wife having created the knight and theme of rape is a perpetual self-rapist.

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Chaucer portrays the Wife of Bath as a feminist. Early in The Wife of Bath, there is a quotation said by the wife of Bath supporting the idea that she is feministic. I will have command over his body during all his life, not he. This quotation seems as if the Wife of Bath is leaning toward the feministic opinion. However, there are also situations where she seems to submit to her husband. The Wife of Bath has a choice of not giving in to the man, but she decides to let the man have pleasure for his desire not hers, because she knew how much men enjoy it when women obey them.

This quotation obviously goes against feministic beliefs, leaving an unanswered contradiction about the Wife of Bath.

The wife clearly in her relationships enjoyed having the power and control of her husbands. Through their time on the road, these characters explore the diverse lives of those traveling together, narrated by the host of the group. Each character in the ensemble is entitled to a prologue, explaining his or her life and the reasons for the tale, as well as the actual story, meant to have moral implications or simply to entertain.

One narrative in particular, that of the Wife of Bath, serves both purposes: to teach and to amuse These principles changed literature completely and created a new genre dedicated to brave, valorous knights embarking on noble quests with the intention of some reward, whether that be their life, lover, or any other want. The Canterbury Tales, written in the 14th century by Geoffrey Chaucer, accurately portrays and depicts this type of genre Strong Essays words 2.

The Wife of Baths, one of many characters in the Canterbury Tales, has been married five times since the age of twelve. The story she tells revolves around a Knight finding the answer to what woman most desire.

The genre is Romance, but this passage describes her marriages as false romances. There is trickery and deception involved with the Wife of Bath 's romances In addition, there are certain general vows that each party usually takes- to be faithful, obedient, and loving. For years, this verbal agreement was enough to keep even the toughest of marriages together for a long time. Enter the Wife of Bath, the polar opposite of the medieval woman. She was loud, brash, and deceitful- making her seem like the least likely person to get married. However, she ends up marrying five men Free Essays words 3.

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She was considered a beautiful woman but today would be considered ugly. She is considered worthy but vulgar. The reader would think her title showed that she was a loyal wife but the reader will soon know that is not true. Her tale and she have some symbolism each other. Some aspects of the tale resemble Chaucer's life. The general prologue of the "Canterbury Tales" by Chaucer the Wife of Bath is one of three of the women With lack of moral value, the Wife of Bath became the most acrimonious character Chaucer had invented.

Geoffrey Chaucer went about breaking the double standard in a variety of ways She exhibits many traits easily identifiable as virtuous--honesty, cheerfulness, and the desire to follow the teachings of the Bible. At other times she reveals traits easily perceived as negative--greed, cruelty, and promiscuity. By the end of her tale to the other pilgrims, more light is shed on her character when it becomes apparent that her tale parallels certain aspects of her own life She truly believed that for a woman to have a happy life she would need to gain dominion over a man; however one could assume this was programmed into her by her influential mother and her own religious doctrines She was not ashamed of the fact that she had been married five times, and was about to marry again and she hid nothing.

The prologue of this tale showed that the Wife of Bath was not seen as an upstanding woman, nor did she desire to be seen as one The problem of honor seems to be timeless in its difficulties. There are many ideas and opinions concerning this delicate subject, which always is popular, along with its ability to frustrate and perplex the human. During the time of Chaucer, females such as the Wife of Bath were asserting their rights against the forces of male chauvinism.

Apparently, the battle of the sexes for supremacy is everlasting in its intensity and has always been fought Better Essays words 1. Free Essays words 1. But these female characters that I will discuss are women with power, control, and a voice. Some critics love the Wife of Bath and her controversial prologue, proclaiming that she is a woman of strength and powerful words; others hate her and cover the eyes of younger girls, determined that Wife of Bath is instead a role model of what women should not be; and the rest remain a bit confused, simply excusing themselves and the Wife herself Research Papers words 7.

I am somewhat surprised that he made up such a character, as he was writing these tales in the early fourteenth century.

The Wife of Bath Essay

She took what she did have, which was wit and wisdom, and used it to her advantage. Although she was assumed to be an ugly old woman, she had five husbands all of whom she had mastered only to have them die. She personifies the character that women of her era secretly aspired to, however because of the restrictions imposed upon them by society, they could not be the Wife of Bath Powerful Essays words 3. During the story the Wife of Bath strongly expresses herself as a very strong woman and knows what she expects with the men shes with.

As well as this, with all her beauty and respect she was given in life the Wife of Bath displays herself highly. Finally, she ideals her actions with the knowledge she knows from the Bible There was a strict code of conduct that was followed. They were to be submissive to their husbands and follow their lead. Women who deviated from these cultural-set norms made for interesting characters.

Term Papers words 6 pages Preview. While these ideals were prevalent in medieval society, they still existed with much controversy. Geoffrey Chaucer, a poet of the period, comments on courtly love in his work The Canterbury Tales.

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Through the use of satiric elements and skilled mockery, Chaucer creates a work that not only brought courtly love to the forefront of medieval society but also introduced feministic ideals to the medieval society Thomas a Becket in Canterbury. Each person is represented to fit a unique type of behavior as shown by people during the medieval ages.

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My attention was drawn to the Wife of Bath through which Chaucer notes the gender inequalities. Predominantly, women could either choose to marry and become a childbearing wife or go into a religious order. Women were seen as property. Women during this period of time, had limited choices when it came to societal roles.

The Wife of Bath exonerates the accepted roles of society, reflecting wo In The Canterbury Tales, Chaucer uses "a fictitious pilgrimage [to Canterbury] as a framing device for a number of stories" Norton Chaucer is the author, but also a character and the narrator, and acts like a reporter to provide a detailed description of the pilgrims It is presented to the modern day reader as an early tale of feminism showcasing the ways a female character gains power within a repressive, patriarchal society. Underneath the simplistic plot of female empowerment lies an underbelly of anti-feminism.

The manipulative and destructive nature of women was emphasized by men. Much like Eve in the Bible, women were blamed for the 'downfall of man'. Through the Wife of Bath, Chaucer investigates the difficulty of self-realization for a woman in this restrictive environment.

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The wife of bath, Alison, represents antifeminist stereotypes and searches for happiness and a place in a patriarchal society. Unfortunately, Alison is never in tune with who she really is as a woman. Chaucer uses a series of ironies to eventually show that under her seemingly confident guise, Each person has a distinct personality that we can recognize from the way people behave today.

He purposely makes The Wife of Bath stand out more compared to the other characters. Nevertheless, the Wife of Bath got the upper hand in this marriage as she had done in the other four and as she would probably do in the sixth, which she declared herself ready to welcome. Alison certainly ranks high among women able to gain control over their mates. The Wife of Bath's personality, philosophy of sexuality, and attitude toward sovereignty in marriage obviously are offered as comedy The stories told along the way serve a number of purposes, among them to entertain, to instruct, and to enlighten.

In addition to the intrinsic value of the tales taken individually, the tales in their telling reveal much about the tellers. The pitting of tales one against another provides a third level of complexity, revealing the interpersonal dynamics of the societal microcosm comprising the diverse group of pilgrims Powerful Essays words 9. In the General Prologue, the readers are introduced to each of these characters. Among the pilgrims are the provocative Wife of Bath and the meek Pardoner.

These two characters both demonstrate sexuality, in very different ways. Chaucer uses the Wife and the Pardoner to examine sexuality in the medieval period. The Middle Ages were a time of expanding and experimenting sexually for the people The pilgrim who narrates this tale, Alison, is a gap-toothed, partially deaf seamstress and widow who has been married five times. She claims to have great experience in the ways of the heart, having a remedy for whatever might ail it.

Throughout her story, I was shocked, yet pleased to encounter details which were rather uncharacteristic of the women of Chaucer's time.

The Knight’s Tale

It is these peculiarities of Alison's tale which I will examine, looking not only at the ch Free Essays words 3 pages Preview. To what extent do you think that Chaucer undermines her case by allowing her to reveal deceitful and violent behaviour? Examine the Wife's skills as a narrator and story-teller in her Prologue and Tale. In what ways does Chaucer shape the reader's judgement of the Wife? What do think are the major themes of the Wife's Tale? To what extent do you find these themes relevant to the Wife and the account of her marriages which she gives in her Prologue?